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 OuT of ThE BoX Dental Hygienist

A Step - By - Step Blueprint To Holistic Dental Hygiene

Welcome to the diverse world of the Holistic  Dental Hygienist.

You have come to a unique place that brings awarness and provides solutions to your daily holistic practice.

- If you are looking for outstanding holistic treament for your patients...

- If you have been enticed to provide your patients with not only a great Dental Hygiene program but a plan that looks at your patients overall wellness...

- If you see the mouth as more than just the mouth and more as a part of the body's system...

This is the perfect platform for you.

Think Holistic.

Think Patient.

Think System.

Join us today and take the first step on your holistic Dental Hygiene journey.

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"Natural forces within us are the true healers of diseases."

Wake them up...


About Us

What do you get when put three distinct personalities and educational backgrounds with a passion for the holistic, together?

A book and courses made with the intention of sharing our love for the holistic and bringing it into the existing Dental Hygiene model, incorporating practices for mind, body and soul.

With over 55 years of experiance, our book and courses are more than just creating a unique encounter for our patient's but providing a new skillset and a soulful tool for our fellow Dental Hygienists.

We will help lead you through a step - by - step holistic journey, tailored for you and your patients.


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