Hilary Sherice Browne is a dental hygienist from South Africa living in the Middle East. Dubai to be exact.

Hilary has a keen interest in the holistic, fitness and nutrition, which she likes to incorporate into her daily dental hygiene practice.

Hilary wants to share her knowledge and inspire people to improve their oral and general health using holistic methods.

When Hilary is not seeing patients, she is working with fellow hygienists to promote oral health in her community and beyond.
She enjoys spending her free time reading, cycling, boxing and being around horses.




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Katarzyna Telep has been working as a Dental Hygiest since 1995 with a mission to reduce the stress of her patients associated with visiting a dental clinic, to listen to them and "draw" a smile on their faces.


During the years, building her experiance in Warsaw, Poland and Dubai, UAE she has come to understand that a holistic approach is the only one that can really help to boost the body's self-healing mechanisms.

On her path of self - growth she become a Food Technology Engineer, Beauty Therapist, Bio - aestetic Therapist and Gravity yoga Teacher.

"I would like to invite everyone to start your own holistic journey".

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