E - book for professionals

"Kinesiotaping for Holistic Dental Hygienists". This is the first e - book dedicated to Dental Hygienists to help building the holistic skills and to compliment the holistic dental knowledge.


You will find here unique informations about facial kinesiotaping that can be used by Holistic Dental Hygienists as a part of facial bio - aesthetic therapy or as an independent procedure to support dental treatment results. This e - book contains the essence of facial kinesiotaping dedicated for dental professionals. It can be used succesfully as a maintenance therapy in holistic dentistry after all dental treatments, to suppor TMJ therapy and relax the muscles of mastication. Kinesiotaping is usefull in therapies of the trigeminal nerve and it is the part of facial bio - aesthetic therapy before or after botox.

This e - book lead you a step - by - step through the proffesional kinesio - tape applikation in all dental therapies, explaing the reson for the application purpose.