Bio-hacking in a Holistic Dental Hygiene practice.

50 years ago, bio-hacking could have been a great title for a science-fiction movie or an impossible idea existing only in the head of a crazy scientist.

These days everything seems to be achievable thanks to the latest technology, bio-technologies, tons of research (to understand our bodies) and molecular biology development.

Bio-hacking has more meanings than we can imagine. The first, which intuition is whispering in my ear, is that there is a way to break into the body by using bio-compatible methods like devices measuring life functions like heartbeat and breathing, or apps that calculate calorie intake and count steps we take during the day, apps that indicate how many glasses of water still must be consumed or even how much vitamin D3 we can deliver to our bodies through sun exposure etc.

"Bio-hacking is an art of controlling your biology and performance by changing the environment inside and outside your body" - Dave Asprey.

It is the process of changing your body and mindset. With more and more patients being aware of a healthy lifestyle, Holistic Dental Hygienists should be able to guide and give advice about bio-hacking.

Is bio-hacking easy to implement? The answer is: Yes and No.

-Yes, because it is simple enough to use basic, natural, free methods of healing that are available any time.

-No, because everyone is unique. There is no perfect, one fits all solution. Every person who wants to start an adventure with bio-hacking needs time, self discipline, patience and determination to research what is the best for their body, to achieve optimal health.

"Optimal health is a journey not a destination. It is constant balance what is draining us and what is driving us on all levels in our body"- Martin Kremmer

Many of our patients lose the connection with their bodies. They do not listen to their bodies. They do not observe. They live in the fastlane and they expect quick fixes for teeth, mouth and body.

We can detect when patients are fatigued, depressed, stressed, anxious and even have migraines. Health problems like a lack of energy, brain fog and fatigue are just a few examples. Conventional medicine does not really help, because very often it provides a solution based on a blood test that seems to be fine.

Holistic Dental Hygienists can observe gum recession, gingivitis, bruxism and TMD in the mouth. Bio-hacking may be a great solution to be recommended to patients for these problems.

For Holistic Dental Hygienists just talking about bio-hacking and suggesting some simple changes is enough to make a huge impact.

Bio-hacking improves memory, concentration, energy, athletic capabilities, relationships, but most of all health.

The aim of bio-hacking is an optimal life with optimal health.

There are tests available to those patients who want to check, monitor and measure the changes in the body. DNA genetic testing, microbiome testing, and toxic heavy metal (hair) testing are comprehensive tests that can be done. However even the simplest of blood tests can provide information on the health condition of the body.

Bio-hackers are people that failed to find assistance from doctors and western medicine. They delved down all the paths to discover what healing factors work for them and how to achieve optimum energy and concentration.

Is it possible for Dental Hygienists to use these methods to bio-hack our patients’ organisms(bodies)?

You can use laboratories, bio-technology and knowledge to bio-hack your patients' body - and your own in the aim of achieving the best version of yourself.

What should you concentrate on to bio-hack the body?

1.Sleep. The quality of sleep, time you go to bed, duration of sleep, reducing EMF or blocking it, reducing blue light, going to bed on an empty stomach, are all very important factors for adequate sleep.

During the night the body has opportunity to self- heal, repair and regenerate the immune system.

2.Moderate exercise.

3.Cold showers.

4.Nutrition. Eliminate toxins in food like:

Lectins - can damage the gut and cause allergies.

Phytate – low in nutrient bioavailability; can bind minerals like zinc, manganese, iron, calcium and decrease their absorption.

Gluten - can damage the gut and cause inflammation.

Mold toxins - can cause the cancer.

Eliminate processed foods and flavoured water.

All allergens in food can cause autoimmune diseases.

5. Mind. Meditation and gratitude seem to be great healers.

Gratitude influences your hormones and brain, releasing happiness hormones and promoting positive thinking.

6. Positive mindset. There may be moments when the mind wants to give up. In this situation the help of a professional mindset coach is useful.

7. Music. Effects communication between neurons. Research shows that various frequencies can impact the brain differently in different regions of the brain:

Beta 14-30 hz - improves concentration and productivity.

Alpha 8-14 hz - helps in meditation and relaxation.

Theta 4-6 hz - improves sleep.

Delta 0,1-4 hz - encourages deep sleep.

Gamma 25-100 – promotes happiness.

7. Posture. Is especially important and is often neglected.

Bad posture leads to pain and changes in mobility, strength, and stabilization of the body.

Even a slight tilt forward of the head, can put pressure on the neck. Keeping abdominal muscles tense to about 20% will help maintain proper posture.

These are just some examples. The list to improve quality of life on many levels is vast, but starting with small steps to change habits, will help the rest come naturally.

Bio-hacking is a lifestyle. Applying these recommendations and being aware of the body’s processes, will ensure you and your patients can utilise the power of lasting, lifelong habits to reap maximum health and regeneration benefits.

I believe that each of us and our patients are already trying to use some bio-hacks without even being aware of it.

To find one’s own way of bio-hacking the body, is a process that will turn into a lifestyle. Holistic Dental Hygienists have the perfect platform to provide knowledge to the patient who wants to begin the bio-hacking journey with full awareness.

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