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Kinesio- taping for Holistic Dental Hygienist.

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This is the first e- book dedicated to Dental Hygienist to help building the holistic skills and to compliment the holistic dental knowledge. You will find here unique informations about facial kinesio-taping that can be used by Holistic Dental Hygienist as a part of facial bio- aesthetic therapy or as an independent procedure to support dental treatment results. This e book contains the essence of facial kinesio - taping dedicated for dental professionals. It can be used succesfully as a maintenance therapy in holistic dentistry after all dental treatments, to suppor TMJ therapy and relax the muscles of mastication. Kinesio - taping is usefull in therapies of the trigeminal nerve and it is the part of facial Bio- aesthetic therapy before or after botox. This e book lead you a step - by - step through the proffesional tape applikation in all dental therapies, explaing the reson for the application purpose.

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